Wednesday, 8 February 2012

empty ?

oit2 ! assalamualaikum :')..

haha. kali ni.. aku nak emo sikit.. apa pasat..?? ntah la.. i just feel wanna cry.. can i ??

kind of feel tired with everything,.. tired with frens , with surrounding.., even tired with myself.. T.T

penat kan jage ati orang lain.. sampe ati kite pon x terjaga.. hmm.. ntah la..

suddenly feel like EMPTY ??!!

apa pasat eh . ,?ntah la.. i just wanna finish my 'excuses' day for pray a.s.a.p ! i wanna do sumthing which always can help myself to calm.. very calm one.. bace quran ! ngadu dalam ati sorang..
then x yah pikir pape dah ! :)

kenape eh jadi camni eh..?? frens?? well. i dun think so.. almost 1 year n a half with them.. bleh tahan lagi kot...kot lah ! haha.

because that 'guy' ?? oh ! ! totally not ! never n never.. ! even kawan aku cakap.. its time for u to try open ur heart .. we already 20.. so?? haha. geli aku dengar.. kind of meremang  okeh ! ! do i lo0k i really care ? ? ! !
1st rule ! never had a crush with ur own patient ! ! others.. maybe this not their rule.. but for me.. yup ! this is totally my rule ! ! even patient tu y ade feeling kat kau..?? ade aku kesah ! lantak kau lah !

argghhhh !  ! ! ntah la.. suddenly.. feel like semua orang x leh nak dipercaya  . . ! huh ! !

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